OVER 133 Examination of John S Myers & Persons to be sent for Aug 18 1809

Examination of John S Myers
Dutchess County fs. The examination of John S Myers
taken upon Oath the 18 Augt 1809. respecting his transport
ing from Poughkeepsie town by virtue of an order of
removal issued by Justices Emott + Maison _ says
he did transport said Ann by an order as aforesaid from
this town in July or August last, and also her infant
child. supposed to be a bastard child, into the town of New
Paltz in the county of Ulster + there delivered them toge
ther with said order to constable Jonah Furman of
said town ^of New Paltz – and that he the deponent was at that time
one of the constables of the town of Poughkeepsie in said
County _
Ordered ^Ann Stevens to remove from this town this day-

Persons to be sent for
Sophia Griffin (white)
Sally Crandle (white)
George Lewis (black)
Cuff Devou (Negro)
Nancy Devon ( white)
Lidia Plough (white)
Wm Richardson (white)
Mr Boice at Moore’s house
Gilbert Hunt
Artemis Hyde
Jacob Tabor’s wife

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