OVER 137 Examination of Lucy Anderson Oct 9 1809

Oct 9
Examination of Lucy Anderson (Black woman)
Dutchess County fs.The examination of Lucy
Anderson taken upon oath before us the 9th Oct.
1809 – says she is a married woman. She was married
in Reading in Conecticut by a clergyman of the
name of Bartlet. She is near 23 years old. her
husbands name is William Anderson a free
black man. he was manumitted within six
miles of Stephentown in the lower part of Dutchess
County _ they have been married near five years and
she is now for the first time pregnant
and expects to lay in about Christmas. they
have never kept house any where. Her husband has gone
to sea about 3 months ago from the port of

New York _ she now lives at Hannah Ompedors on Frannie Pells place.
She was manumitted by her master Jacob Montross near Pines Bridge about
4 months ago _ she has no property at all. & spins for her lieving
Sworn before us the 9th Oct 1809
Peter R Maison
} Justices
Lucy Anderson + her mark
Ordered that the above Lucy Anderson depart from this town by tomorrow
the 10th Oct inst.

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