OVER 140 Examination of Mary Mott Dec 5 1809

Examination of Mary Mott Decr 5 1809
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Mary Mott
taken upon oath before us the 5 Decr 1809 says,
She is about 27 years of age, that she is the wife of
William B Mott of New York, was married by
Doctor Provoost about eleven years ago. The issue of
that marriage now living she believes is William about
ten years old. Mary is eight years. Robert is about
4[6] years. Rose Matilda is 2 years old
She left her husband for ill treatment in New York
in March last, that her husband is a man of
considerable property, but of a jealous disposition
She went from New York to Staatsburgh and from thence
to Poughkeepsie(crossed out)
Bot Gay’s Tavern? and staid there, and staid  some time
at Robert S Livingston s in Clinton town,
from thence to Poughkeepsie in the spring ^or summer to
Nero Morris, as his wife ^[Dinah?) had lived with her in
New York where she was confined some time with a sore foot.
The next Saturday she went to New York with Capt Nelson
and two or three weeks ago she came again to Poughkeepsie
to Nero Morris’s to fetch her clothes
she had left there before. that she has been in Dinah’s employ
ever since in sewing. that her trunk is at Mrs. Dubois’s —
Her children are provided for in New York by her said  husband

Wm B Mott _ that her husband has Rented tenements for 4 or
five years for one hundred dollars & upwards
Sworn before us the
5 decr. 1809
Peter R Maison
Wm Emott} Mary Mott
Ordered to depart from this town by Saturday next _


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