OVER 150-151 Examination of Hagar Feb 15 1810

Examination of Hagar, black woman
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Hagar [Davis?]
taken upon Oath before us the 15th Feby 1810, says she
is about 60 years of age as she thinks, she is a native
of Old Fairfield in Connecticut, and was the slave of
Abraham [Gould?] in her 7th? year she was sold to a
Mr [illeg] , her next master was Abraham Dunyea
in Fishkill Town. her next Master was Abraham
[Junr?] [Singer] her next master in [Dutchess]? County in Nine Partners
her next master was Richard Everitt in Poughkeepsie
and was by him sold to James Livingston of Pough
keepsie town, where she married Small Davisalso
a slave to said Livingston. They were permitted to go
to housekeeping after her master’s death. [small] be
came consumptive & town of Poughkeepsie support
ed him several years before his death. since which
the deponent has supported herself, last summer
Since she returned from Esopus, the fatigue of the
journey brought on a female complaint, which she
still labours under, which has reduced her to a state
of debility, so that^ at present for want of strength she
is unable to perform hard labour as usual, she
therefore craves assistance from the town till she is re-
stored – to better health
her mark Hagar Davis

sworn before us the 15th
Feby 1810
Peter R Maison} Justice

{ordered that temporary relief be granted in the above case.







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