OVER 162-163 Examination of Jane Hollen Apr 14 1810

Examination of Jane Hollen? black woman
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Jane Hollan?
taken upon Oath before us the 14th April 1810 says
she was born at the white plains^ town of scarsdale is upward of 26 years
of age _ was a slave of John odel -^ who sold her to Wm [illeg]  – at the age
of 17 her master permitted her to leave his family and
work for herself upon the promise of Moses Hallem
a black man who engaged at some future perr[illeg] to
pay $100 to said williamson, which she understands
has been paid by Moses, to whom she was afterwards
married by the revd Mr Constant at the house of Mr
MCain in Stephentown about 9 years since. her husband was born free,
and she has been enformed at a place called Statten on the east end
of Long Island
She first became acquainted with her husband at Jonathan Odel,
with whom he laboured, he afterward followed draughting with
Stephen Lyon. he afterward was bound by indenture to William Wiliamson
in Stephenstown in Westchester Couny. Blacksmith, to learn the trade,
and remained with him four years until the expiration of the apprenticeship.
The indenture was drawn by Justice Peckham – to which the Deponent was a
witness — some time after this Williamson removed to Blooming i
Orange County and she and her husband went there with them and staid then
short of a year in his family – from thence to Beekman
town to John Storms and went to house keeping at the
rent of $8 per year. Tehy lived there less than six months
when her husband was arrested and brought to Poughkeepsie
gaol. Where he remained until last March {illeg]
and after having been tried was sentenced to the state
prison for 7 years _ she followed her husband to
Poughkeepsie and worked at several places and has been
at service, [laundress- sundries?] ^ she has no property
and is now sick and unable to support herself –
Sworn before us the 14th April 1810 Peter R Maison
Wm Emnott
her mark Jane Hallman
Ordered to give temporary relief & other
[illeg] to

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