OVER 165 Examination of Robert Churchill

Examination of Robert Churchill May 22 1810
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Robert ^
Black Man Churchill taken upon oath before us the
22 May 1810 _ says he was born on York Island the
slave of Benjamin Van Dewater who sold him at ten
years of age to Jacob Everson
of Pleasant Valley with whom he lived about 13 years
he was then sold to Ezra Thompson of Amenia(crossed out) Stanford town
with whom he lived six &1/2 years , at the expiration
of which period viz. 5 th March 1800 he and his
master being at the town meeting in Standford
Samuel Sacket & Wm Gifford Junr Overseers of said
town, and Wm Thompson & Jeremiah Sherril, Justices
signed a certificate such as is usual before manu
mitting a slave, which it appears was afterwards re-
corded by the town clerk, but no document appears
signed by the master. The deponent however says
that his said master told him he was free & since
which time he has [scone] business for himself. he
calculates his age to be 46 years. he was married
about 8 or 9 years ago to his presnet wife Sarah

the issue of this marriage living is Irvine ^ who will
be 7 years old the 20th July next. Sally Ann, was 5 years old
last December Nelson was 3 years old last fall Arnold was 2
years old last April – HIs wife was formerly a slave of Capt.
James Reed of Albany – He first went to house
keeping in the oblong out law rent then at Beldings
from thence to Poughkeepsie town in October 1808 he
rented a tenement of Mrs Tappen in Nov 1809 at $16 a year which
he paid and is now living in the same house on the second year
at the same rent, he has paid one tax to collector Myers
Sworn before us the 22
May 1810 Peter R Maison
Wm Emott } Justices his mark X Robert CHurchill

Examination of John Millet (unfinished)


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