OVER 184 Examination of Permete Bloom Jan 28 1811

Examination of Permete Bloom Jany 28? 1811
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Permete Bloom
taken under oath before us the 28th? Jany 1811 says he was
born in Fishkill Town a slave of George Bloom of that town
he is near 42 years of age and Mr Bloom after the death
of his wife moved in the family of Jacob Evertson his son
in law, where he and his slaves remained till his (Mr. Bloom’s) death. The deponent staid with his then Master
Jacob Evertson about six months, at the end of which
time his master Evertson gave him a freedom paper
& thirty dollars in money. his wife Rainey was the slave
of Hendrick Masten of Fishkill town the deponent pur
-chased her freedom about a year after. his children by his wife are Dick nineteen years of age, but is absent
Mae about 18 years old a servant of George B Evertson
, Sara is 15 years old is bound to Abel Smith, Anne a-
bout nine years old, lives at home, Eliza is seven
years old at home. Levi is five years old at home
Suckey is two years old in March next. at home –
some time after the freedom of his wife they went to
housekeeping at Gilbert [Esters’s] ^ in Beekman paid no rent from there
to Israel Futurs in Beekman town & worked on shares on eight acres of
land and had the use of a house, he is of Opinion that
his landlord received produce on his share of the value
of thirty dollars at least from thence to a house of Chancilor Livingston in Poughkeepsie at a rent of $17 pr year for 1 year
from thence to Poughkeepsie ^in Mrs Tappen’s house and
paid $7[illeg]? for five months. The next year he took
the same house at a rent of $50 for a year which he
paid. he then got a lot of land of Levi McKeen for to [???]
he engaged to pay $150 and built a house which cost $110 it^
in which he moved and lives yet _ Mr. McKeen
gave him in writing which he thought was a deed
at the time, but has since discovered was only an
article which contained a covenant that he would
give him a deed if in ten years the deponent paid
the purchase money & the interest. Otherwise the improvements were to revert to McKeen at the ex[illeg]
of that time?. He says he has paid up the rent ^or ineterst that is
$10.50 a year, to this time. His wife is dangerously ill
at present and himself unable to work on account of the
Sworn before us the 28th Jany 1811
Peter R Maison
Wm Emott } Justices his mark X Permete Bloom

Examination of


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