OVER 192-193 Examination of Dick Francis April 8, 1811

April 8th 1811
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Dick Francis
taken upon Oath before us the 8th April 1811 respect..
-ing his brother John Francis who now lays sick at his
house __ says. that his said brother is now the slave
of Peter R Livingston; that said John has a written
permission from his said master to work about where
he pleases, that said John came to Poughkeepsie
about a year ago and that he has lain sick at the
deponents house about four months; that he
the deponent has supported the said John for some time
that he himself is poor and unable to support him
any longer, and therefore craves the interposition
of the authority of the town of Poughkeepsie in the
premisses and further saith not __
Sworn before us the 8th April 1811
Peter R Maison
John Drake} his mark + Dick Francis


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