OVER 192-193 Examination of Sara Churchill April 15 1811

Examination of Sara Churchill
Dutchess COunty fs. The examination of Sara Churchill
widow of Robert CHurchill, lately deceased. /black man/
says that her husband Robert was born a slave and was
manumitted by Ezra Thompson of the town of Stanford in
said County, that the deponent was married to him about 8
or 9 years ago. that after this marriage her husband bought
her of Capt. Reed in the Oblong. this was after her husband
was free. they first went to housekeeping about 5 miles from
said Reed at a small rent in a house of [dehavey/Ochamps]
from thence in a school house & then to Capt. Reeds house –
from thence to Mutton Hollow in a house of Lary Dutcher
does not know the rent. from thence to plymouth hill in
a house of a Mr Belden at a small rent. from thence near four
years ago. they came to Poughkeepsie town in a house of Frear
from thence to a house of Mrs. Tappen over two years ago.
and that they were to pay $ 16.0.0 a year and have paid the rent,
that there is now butt little own? to her. that they have paid taxes
over time to collector Myers _ the issue of this marriage is,
M[inna] about 14 or 15 years of age and lives at Frederick Harrisons.
irving is about 7 or 8 years of age. at home. Sally Ann is about 5 or
six years old, at home. Nelson, is about 4 years old, at home.
Arnold is 3 years old at home, and a female infant a few days old __
that she is in want of nothing but some provisions-
Sworn before us the 15
April 1811
Peter R Maison
John Drake} Justices her X mark Sara Churchill

Ordered that the overseers of Poor afford such temporary relief as the case requires

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