OVER 197 Order of Removal for Sarah Churchill & children May 14 1811

Order of Removal for Sarah Churchill & children
Dutchess County fs. To any constable of the town of
Poughkeepsie in said county __
Whereas upon the complaint of the overseers
of the poor of said town and other inhabit
-ants of said town [make] us whose names are
humbly set and seals affixed being two of the
Justices of the peace for said county, that Sarah
Churchill (Black woman) together with her children
Irving, Sall Ann, Nelson, Arnold and a female
infant have come to reside in said town not having
gained a legal settlement therein, nor produced any
certificate owning them to be settled elsewhere, and
are likely to become chargeable to said town __
We the said Justices upon [due] proof thereof made unto
us upon oath, and where upon due consideration
had of the premises do adjudge the same to be true
We the said justices not being able to discover
from the testimony add[ress]ed to which of the towns
said family belongs, we do adjudge that said Sarah
and her ^said children have been suffered to wander from
the town of Stanford, or Amenia or other neigh
boring town, through the town of Clinton into the
town of Poughkeepsie aforesaid __ and having here-
tofore viz. on the 15th day of April last ordered the
said Sara with her children aforesaid to depart from the town
of Poughkeepsie to her last place of legal
settlement which order she has in no wise obeyed
There are therefore in the name of the people of the state
of New York to command you the said constable to take and
convey the said Sarah Churchill together with her aforesaid
children from the town of Poughkeepsie and deliver them to
one of the constables of said town of Clinton together with
this our precept and order which said constable of Clinton
is likewise hereby commanded to receive said Sarah & children
as aforesaid and convey them in like manner to the next constable
and so from constable to constable to constable(cross out) till
they shall be transported to the city of town where they are legally
settled if within this state, or out of this state into the state
from which she or they last came into this state agreeably to the
statute in such [case] made & provided. Given under our hands
and seals at Poughkeepsie the 14th day of May 1811
The above is a true copy
Leod Maison } Peter R Maison
John Drake } Justices of Peace

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