OVER 207 A-B Examination of Thomas Ackins

Thomas Ackins (black man) appeared and says he was the slave of [Drupp] [N’ail] who has been dead about 14 years – with whom  he lived till his death. after which his Mistress suffered him to work out till he had saved $ 50 to purchase his freedom he has made [illeg/sundry] payments to Col Vail & [illeg]  said to be Executors of Joseph Vail. but does not [ileg] that  the sums en paid not having taken any receipts. he has a wife named Letty he has8 children 4 of who are abroad and 4 at home the oldest at home named Margaret about  11 years old. the next [being/king] Peter about 9 years old. the next John Richard aged about 5 years the youngest Sherman Francis about 2 years old he works out by the day he has kept house in this town about 6 years and has paid from $6 to $8 Rent a year ___ __  Sheldon Monger presented his Acct for taking care of Barnets  children and feeding them which was audited – at $1 – which  the overseers are ordered to pay him ____-__ Order that Overseers of the Poor pay to James Mills 3 Dollars for a Coffin for Robert Churchill and 3 Dollars for a coffin for Bet Taylor _____

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