OVER 207 A-B Examination of Cuff Low

Cuff Low appeared and being interrogated says he was formerly
the slave Zachariah Hoffman and shortly after the capture of
Burgoyne he came to old Peter Lows in Poughkeepsie who said he
had bought him & with whom he remained upward sof 20 years –
he was told that he was purchased by Peter Low and Aaren Low
his son jointly he afterwards became the property of Aaron Low
who sold him to a Mr. Lester in Ulster County from
Lester he was transferred to Ostrander who sold him to Simeon
Frear all(crossout) of said Ulster County afterwards Simeon Frear
viz about 5 or 6 years for $4..15..0 and he saw the money paid
he remained with Aaron Low till the time of his Death
since which time he lived with A Lows widow till she
married to Peter P Van Kleeck. Van Cleeck employed
him a few months and refused to support him any longer
the examinant is about 75 years old. his wife Rachel
is about 60 years of age and it does not appear that she was
ever manumitted she was last the slave of Moses Downing __

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