OVER 233-234 Examination of Rachel Pride Feb 18 1812

At a regular meeting of the Justices + 
overseers of the poor at the office of Esqr Emott
the 18 Feb 1812. Present
William Emott
Thomas Nelson}overseer
Peter RMaison
Jabez [Bosworth]} Justices

The examination of Rachel Pride, wife of Cuff Low. Taken upon oath the
18th Feb. Says she xisx does not know her age was born in [Hackensack]
in Jun[y] as she has understood. and removed from there to Kingston in
Ulster County from there to [Montrous] when Esopus was burnt, she was
sold by [a daughter of] Mrs White to Mayor ^[???] Radcliff at Rhynbeck
landing ^[????????] Said Radcliff sold her to John Pride of Poughkeepsie
town. Her first husband died some time before. They had no children.
John Pride after 9 or ten years sold her to Henry Mott of Poughkeepsie
and Mott sold her to [Aron] Low. where she lived about 5 years, when she
made a visit over the river with permission of her master where she took
care of her sick daughter + staid a year. Aron Low then sold her to
[slaves locally] and Moses obtained the money to pay for her of Valentine
Baker [Dely] Ransom over the River and Ransom sold her some time after
to ^Peter Frizine for 40# who again sold her to Moses Downing for twenty
pounds _ Downing left the money at Valentine Bakers for said Ransom –
She lived with said Downing about two years x about six years ago Downing
gave her leave to go and work for herself. telling her she was too old to be
made free, but that any time if she anted anything she might call upon him
& he would help her –
Sworn before [m Th_]
18 Feb 1812                    Rachel X Pride – her mark
PR Maison
Jabish Bosworth

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