OVER 245-246 Examination of Charles Lee

Charles Lee, being examined respecting the settlement of
Philemon Lee _ says his Father Philemon Lee lived
formerly in Rhynbeck and came to Poughkeepsie about the
year 1797. hired a house of Abm /Hendrick/ Pells at about $5
6 or 7 years. from thence to Dykings house about 5 years from
thence in Poughkeepsie village near [Brosses] from thence in
[illeg] house at 5 or 6 pounds a year from thence in  [Everts]
house about 2 year at $25 a year from thence to Frears house
about a year where he died_ Philomon + wife died last
[March] [illegible]
enquire of Judge Brooks
Charles Lee + his mark

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