OVER 267 Examination of Harry Van Brunt Jan 16 1813

Examination of Harry Van Brunt Jany 16 1813
Dutchess County fs. The Examination of Harry Van Brunt^a man of colour
taken upon oath before us the 16th Jany 1813. Says that
his mother was a slave and was not manumitted as he knows at all,
his father was a black man by the name of Francis? Van Brunt.
his mother resided with her master Cornelius Van Sicklen and
she died there while the deponent was quite young said Van Sicklen
at that time lived at the mills in Fishkill town and after
wards remained/removed in Clinton town on a farm formerly
owned by Eliphalet Platt – The deponent moved with his
master in Clinton Town and more than a year {   }
Vansicklen sold him to Robert Abbott of Clinton town for
four years, as he has been informed. At the expiration
of four years he left Mr. Abbott who gave him freedom
papers which he was informed were put in the Records at
Clinton Town by the Town Clerk some time before he
was free he married a free woman of colour by name
Jenny Gaul; The issue of this marriage are Eliza near
12 years of age + lives with Mr. [Bardie]. next Hannah
about ten year old lives at home. next Eve about 3 years
of age + an infant 3 or 4 months old. The deponent thinks
he is about 20 years of age and his wife is younger. He
first went to house keeping in a house of Abm Hennington
^Clinton Town at 10 or 15 $ rent + the taxes one year.
from thence to Poughkeepsie town about 4 years ago. and
hired a house of Abyah Smith was there one year at $
rent and paid it. from thence to Jim Frears house in the
commons at $1.50 per month, where [he] has been about 2
years + lives there still. while he lived in Smith’s house
the first year he lived in POughkeepsie he did not agree
to pay the taxes. but when the [?????] came he paid the tax.
he afterward paid Smith the rent but did not know he had a
right to keep the tax out the rent, and consequently lost it.
Smith having since left the place __ while he has lived in
Jim Frears house he has paid no tax, not having agreed to pay
the taxes -The deponent + his family are all well, except himself
as he has had his feet froze, in consequence of which
he cannot attend to his business, and craves some as
sistance from the poor masters of Poughkeepsie town till
his feet get well-
Sworn before us the 1?
Jany 1813
Peter R Maison
Wm W Bogardus} Harry Van Brunt X his mark

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