OVER 259-260 Examinations of Charles Lee & Lucinda Gannice Dec 28/29 1812

Ordered that the Overseers allow $3 p month for the
support of Devereux Milburn from the 5th inst__

Devereux Milburn place of residence uncertain – see his
examination the 2nd instant

Decr 28th 1812 – Examination of Charles Lee
Dutchess County fs. Examination of Charles Lee says that
Flora formerly the slave of ^ the late  Col. Elias Van Bunschoten supposed
to be about 40 years of age is now at his house laboring
under a [dnassical/dropsical] complaint and is not able to walk
any considerable distance is in great need of clothing
and other necessaries and not having visible property
he therefore requests that the overseers of the poor and
Justices of this Town would grant her immediate re
lief or cause her to be disposed of in such a way as the
law directs – he has also to support his sisters named Julietta
who is lame with Rheumatism at times
tho he is willing to support her she has a sufficiency
of Clothing she is about 12 years of age her father +
mother both dead – they /mother/^both were born free as the
examinant always understood the deponent has always understood
/she/ he was born in the town of Rhinebeck
he removed with his parents to this place about 14 years
ago where they continued till last spring when they
Sworn before us
Daniel Hebard Jus Peace
Wm Emott Overseer
Charles Lee + his mark

Examination of Lucinda [Gannice] [(black woman)]
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Lucinda G[?????]
taken upon oath before us the undersigned justices the
29 Decr 1812 respecting Jin, a black woman, who she thinks
is the servant + slave of Doctor B[?????} in {illeg….]
r=that on the 18th December inst the said black woman Jin
X came to thir house in Poughkeepsie town in the night
+ requested to stay all night, which she did, and during
the night said Jin was delivered of a male child, she has
since been into Fishkill Town, + has come back to the de
ponents house {illeg…}
and is likely to become chargeable to the town of Pough

Poughkeepsie and the said deponent requests to
have the authority of Poughkepsie to take charge of
the said Jin, and to dispose of her according to Law
Sworn before us the
29th December 1812
Peter R Maison
WM W Bogardus? Justices
Lucinda Garner? + her mark
Ordered the said Jin, by the said Lucinda to depart from the town of
Poughkeepsie forthwith to the place from whence she came into
Poughkeepsie town

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