OVER 257 Examination of Deverix Milbur Nov 2 1812 (& Sylvia Cooke)

Dutchess County fs The Examination of Deverix Milbur taken upon oath before us the 2nd November 1812 Says he is past 57 years of age. his Father was a slave to Harry Filkins, his mother was a free woman named [Amy] a mulatto woman, and he was born as he always understood in the house lately occupied by Timothy Beadle, + the widoew Beadle is the grand child of his said master Filkins – At the age of about 9 years he came to live with Richard Snediker, [Esr] of Poughkeepsie + at the age of 21 he went to live with the late Col John Frear with whom he lived 3 years – he received some kind of papers from Mssrs Snediker + Frear, which are either lost or mislaid, neither does he recollect their contents, whether he was bound or not as an apprentice is a thing he is also ignorant of. his wife, name is Jude upwards of 50 years of age – his oldest daughter s name is Phebe living in this town her husband left her some time ago + she has 2 children. his next child is Flora married to Dick Pells , + is free, next is Peggy married to Jac[ob] Fox, + is free. Peter works for himself is 20 years old, and dolly 19 years old works for herself  + lives with a gentleman in Newburgh. And he not knowing his last place of legal settlement and having a bad time with his right leg which prevents him from [Labour?], he is under the [necessity] of craving assistance from the town. He rented a place of Isaiah Van de bogart at Z20 a year, little better than a year – he also hired a place of Harry Vandeburgh at a dollar a month for 2 year – of Col. V Benschoten he hired at 10/ pr month – he has paid taxes to Collector Peter B V Kleeck

[I am force taxing] when he lived in Van Benschotens house, [supposedly this house] he has never paid higher rent than 1807 a    the year to Van Debogart. his property consists of house hold furniture which is worth

And under these circumstances he craves assistance   abovementioned

If the deponent belongs to this Town, ordered that house temporary relief

Peter R Maison Justice

Doctr Ward reports that Cook’s Sylvia a woman of Colour is recovering as fast as can be expected but will want assistance untill she is able to [go about]

Ordered that the overseers furnish such relief as the nature of the case may Require

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