OVER 256 Examination of Robert Newkirk Oct 27 1812

Examination of Robert Newkirk (black man)
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Robert Newkirk
taken upon oath before us the 27th October 1812. says
he is between 50 and 60 years of age. When he was quite
young he was the slave of Mr/Wm Wynkoop, who sold him
to Cornelius Newkirk of Kingston Ulster County, as a
slave, with whom he lived about four years, +
was then sold by said Newkirk to Abraham [Flagler]
of Clinton town Dutchess County for four years
and a half after which by an article of agreement
the deponent was to be free, at the expiration of
the term he left said Flagler, and worked and took
care of himself. The deponent had a wife named
Dinah who was a free woman, but is now dead.
he has a daughter living in Poughkeepsie town, the
child of said Dinah, which daughter named Betty
is married to a man called Pompy, and has with
her four children, the oldest is Dinah. next George
Jenny + the youngest name he don’t know. the oldest
is about 15 years old _ he came to the town of Pough
keepsie when his time with Flagler was out, about
8 years ago, and about 4 years since he bought
half an acre of land of Charles Hoffman for which he
paid him thirty four pounds. with a small house on
it, and about a year ago he sold the place to William
Davis for sixty dollars. he has paid taxes, he says, several
times. he says he went to his Masters. Flaglers. +
Flagler brought him back to Poughkeepsie and
told him the poor masters of Poughkeepsie must take
care of him _ the deponent is poor and sick +
craves the assistance of the town –
Sworn before us the
27 Oct 1812 —
Peter R Maison
Wm Emott} Jus Pea
Robin Newkirk X his mark

Ordered, that the overseers of Poor of Poughkeepsie town
afford such temporary relief as is necessary, until
the merits of the above case can be asertained
Peter R maison, Justice


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