Over 254 Examination of Jonathan Ward Sep 4 1812 (Sylvia Cooke)

Examination of Jonathan Ward Sept 4
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Doctor Ward
taken upon oath before us the undersigned. the 4th
Sept 1812 respecting Sylvia a black woman says
the said black woman the [reputed] slave of John
Cooke. formerly grocer of this village, on Monday
last to the best of his recollection fell from a stoop
and broke her leg badly, that he was called on, + he
set it. and gave her such medical aid as was
necessary, that she is otherwise ill which makes it
necessary for a doctor still to attend her, and the de
-ponent thinks she is in want of necessaries, she
being poor –
Sworn before us the
4th Sept  1812
Peter R Maison
Wm Emott Overseer} Jonathan Ward

Ordered that Doctor Ward give such attentions in
the premisses as the case requires, also that the overseers
of poor afford temporary relief if wanting

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