OVER 272 Examination of Sara Tabor & Thomas Casey (Apr 21 1800) Manumissions Feb 1 1813

Examination of Sara Tabor. Feb1 1813

Dutchess County fs. The examination of Sara Tabor taken upon oath before us the 1st Feb 1813 says she ^ a 34 years of age was the daughter of Abby Lattimore a free ^ mulatto woman her father was John Ogden a mulatto man she was born in Poughkeepsie town as she has been informed. Her father had a leased place on the other side of the river in the town of Marlborough in Ulster County where the family lived when he died. after his death they remained on the place till the lease had expired, when her mother & children moved over to Poughkeepsie town. Her mother went to live with Ben Murray at which time the deponent went to live at Peter Mesier’s in fishkill 2 years from thence to Dover in the oblong where she became acquainted with Jacob Tabor and after she had been there about 2 years she got married to Jacob Tabor by a minister, but she cannot tell his name. their oldest child is Eliza near 12 years, will be 12 the [28] May next. Next is John will be 10 years old the 29th March next. Patty *** will be 8 years old the 14th of Feb inst Maria will be /in/ 5 years the 20th of January next. Jane Ann will be 3 years old the last of May next. & Jacob will be a year old the 22 March next. The deponent says her husband Jacob Tabor is in confinement and sentenced to remain there by the Court of Reforms till the middle of April next. The four youngest children are with the deponent at home. she requests some relief of the overseers of the poor. says if she has one load of wood given her she will make out till her husband gets out of prison.

Sworn before us the 1 feb 1813

Peter R Maison

Wm Emott}

her mark + Sara Tabor

ordered that the overseers advance money for 1 load firewood


Daniel Hebard Town Clerk reports that upon examining the town records he finds the following entry April 21 1800. Thomas Casey manumitted the following slaves

Prince aged 27 years

Countess – 33

Hannah – 16

Jenny – 14

Jacob – 12

Lucy 10

Miranda – 8

Mary – 5

Prince -2

He sees no entry in the town book of any certificate of the overseers of the poor certifying that the above slaves or either of them were under the age of 50 years and of sufficient ability to support themselves.

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