OVER 273 Examination of Jenny Van Brunt Feb 16 1813

Examination of Jenny Van Brunt
Dutchess County fs. The Examination of Jenny Van Brunt taken
upon oath before us the 16th day of February 1813
says she is the daughter of ^James York &   Hannah Gaul /a/
mullatto free people
was born in Marlborough in Ulster County her parents are both dead
she left her parents when quite young and has always worked with
white people who come from Marlborough to the town of Poughkeep
sie when a young woman and worked for Simeon J Frear about
21/2 years. from thence she went to work at Cornelius Van Sick[low’s]
in Fishkill with whom she lived till Van Sickler Died from
thence ^about half a year after she went to Esqr Allens in Clinton Town_ she ^was married
to Harry Van Brunt about 12 years ago by Revd Cornelius Brower
some few years after which she understood that her husband was
manumitted and received freedom papers as she supposes which papers
have been lost for nearly 3 years _ she does not know who signed
those papers nor does she know whether they have ever been entered
on record in Clinton Town or elsewhere   her parents owned
a house and lot in Marlborough in Ulster County which house
and lot was given by will to her oldest brother David York-

Four years after her marriage they went to house keeping in the
house of Esqr Allen at a rent of $5 for the winter season from
thence to a House of Robert Abbat, knows not at what rent
supposes ^the rent was worth $1 pr week the rent was paid in
labour they lived there about 4
years at the expiration of which time she supposes her husband was
manumitted by Robert Abbott  Thence at Thomas Tillery’s for nearly
3 years at 12/. per month which rent was paid from thence to Pough
keepsie to the house of Mr Smith at 12/ pr month which rent was paid
from thence to the house of Simeon J Frear in Cherry Street at 12/ p
month upwards of 2 years her husband froze his feet the beginning
of the present winter, and has not been able to work since till now
when he begins to work and she herself works so that they are able to sup
port themselves   her youngest child named Mary about 2 months
old.    Van Sickler removed to the Town of Clinton and died there
Sworn before us the day
Daniel Hebard
WW Bogardus } Justices of the Peace
Jenny Van Brunt  + her mark

Ordered to remove from this Town by
Saturday the 27th instant ___


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