OVER 280, 283 Examination of Elizabeth Griswold Mar 22 1813

Examination of Elizabeth Griswold
March 22, 1813
Dutchess County fs. The examination of Elizabeth Griswold
in addition to the examination of her husband
John Griswold of July 21, 1810 – Taken before us
this day upon Oath, says that pursuant to the order
of late to depart her husband removed with her and the
children to the City of Hudson where her husband pur
-chased a house and lot for $200 of John Bingham
and received a deed for the house and took possession of
the premises in about three months after when they
have since resided till the 5th of September last. the
[?????] $200 was actually paid. she [???] it. and Alex
Baden Holmes was called as a witness, to the payment
Her husband in June last 8 or 10? listed in the 6th Regiment
of the United States Army that 6 or 7 weeks afterward he left
his family and went to Greenbush, that her husband left
her half of his bounty money for the support of his family
that she left her [???] on a visit to Litchfield in Connecticut
in september last when the children had been sent before
in the care of their uncles she left Litchfield about 4
weeks ago and came into Titus’s in Washington staid there
about a week + then came to Poughkeepsie by the way
of pleasant valley and paid half a dollars to a person for
riding in his sleigh to Poughkeepsie. and went to the
house of Richard Silas a free black man. Where she has
been ever since. She had 5 or 6 dollars in money at
the time– She says she is about going to Hudson
and has worked for her board since she has been at
Elizabeth Griswold X her mark
sworn before us the
21 March 1810
Peter R Maison
Wm Bogardus} Justices
Ordered to depart from the town of Poughkeepsie


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