OVER 324 Examination of Thomas Tee Jan 8 1814

The examination of Thomas Tee or Dimond
taken before us the undersigned Justices taken
on oath the 8th day of January 1814 says that
he was born in Poughkeepsie and was the slave
of Cornelius Westervelt is nearly forty years old
was sold by said Westervelt [then?] to Henry
Dimond of said town and resided with him
about six years and was then sold to Casper
Ganse of Fishkill and resided with him
four years and was manumitted by his
applying to the Court of Sessions in this County
in March 1811. has [three/then] children and can
maintain his Family without any assistances
Sworn before us
Wm Emott
Wm W Bogardus
Daniel Hubard

Thomas Tee + his mark

Const Myers charge of fees at this meeting for Summoning
Jeremiah /{ Treusdale – Tom Youngs wife – Black phillis – Cooks Silvia
Tom Diamond_ Lows Cuff_Downings Rachel_Anthonys Dinah
and Uriel J Carlow
John Wendover on a warrant for examinating

26th March 1814 John Balding for serving warrant
Thomas Tea and Lucinda his wife —$.50
Ordered to depart to their place of settlement by
the 1r april next

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