OVER 322-323 Examinations of Phillis Anthony & Gitty Young Jan 1 1814

The Examination of Gitty Young wife of
Thomas Young
she produced a certificate of her freedom signed
by Koert Dubois, dated March 31st 1812 which
certificates states that her freedom is recorded by the
Town Clerk of Clinton Town with the [approbate?]
of the Overseers of the Poor of said Town _
Gitty Young is the Daughter of Phillis on the other
Examination of Uriel Curlow
Taken on Oath before us the undersigned Justices this
8th day of January 1814 says he is about 33 years
of age was born in Caanan in Columbia County when
he was about 9 years of age he was bound an apprentice
to Conrad Ruby of Albany ^city, Cooper served 7 1/2 years
with him at that place   after he arrived of lawful
age he worked with a number of people at his trade ^ in this place
he married Sarah Velie of Poughkeepsie in the year
1805. the issue of this marriage are Catharine about
8 years old. Lyman about 6 years. Peter about
4 1/2 years. Debby Maria about 1 1/2 year old. he
lived at Poughkeepsie at sundry places at small
rents. then went to Albany where he resided at first
in the house of Rensellaer Westerlo^ and others at a rent of 30 Dollaars
and upwards for 5 or 6 years, then volunteered in
Col. Mills Regiment for 1 year was discharged the
beginning of last month, he now resides in this
town and needs no help — Urial J Carlow
Sworn before us the
Daniel Hebard
Wm W Bogardus
Wm Emott

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