OVER 322 Examination of Phillis Anthony Jan 1 1814

OVER 322
...The Examination of Phillis Anthony
taken on Oath before us the undersigned Justices of the Peace
the 1st Day of Jan.y 1814 Says she was Born a slave
her first master was Thomas Langdon of Fishkill
her next Master was Joseph Wood of the same Town
She ran away from Wood under an impression that she
Did not belong to Wood having been given to his wife
who had previously died a man by the name of Taylor
apprehended her and brought her back to Fishkill
he afterwards sold her to Robert Williams at Red Hook
who removed with her to Poughkeepsie Williams sold
her to Gilbert Livingston of Poughkeepsie who sold
her to Codwallader D Colden then of Poughkeepsie
Colden sold her to Ebenezer Badcock then of Pough
keepsie for ten years Badcock sold her to Koert
Dubois of Clinton Town with whom she lived
more than 7 years he then gave her her freedom
she had a paper from Dubois but has lost it
since which time she has been in this town a number
of years 
Phillis Anthony X her mark
Sworn before us
Daniel Hebard
Wm W Bogardus
Wm Emott

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