OVER 292-93 Examination of Flora Francis May 20 1813

Examination of Flora Francis
The examination of Flora Francis the wife of Dick
Francis taken on Oath before us the undersigned Justices
of the Peace the 20th day of May 1813___ says she
is the wife of Dick Francis she is about 27 years old
that her husband went away from her on Wednsday
of last week, their children are Francis about 8 years
old, June Ann about 7 yars old. Hannah about
14 months old. she says that her Father  Devereux Milburn
and her mother, have come to reside with her, and she
is able and willing to maintain herself and family pro
vided her father and mother go elsewhere that her
mother is in health and says thank God she is able to
support herself- that her father, has a sore leg and
receives $3  Pr month from the Town for his support as she
has been informed
Flora Francis + her mark
Sworn before us
Dominic Hedayd
Henry A Livingston} Justices of the Peace
Wm Emott
Wm W Bogardus

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