Albany Gazette – September 19, 1803

10 Dollars Reward.
RUN away from the subscriber, on the
night of the 27th August, a NEGRO
MAN SLAVE, named Andrew, aged a-
bout twenty years; he is blacker than ne-
groes in general; his hair is remarkably
thin on the poll of his head; he was born 
in the city of New-York, in the family of
James Arden; is about five feet nine inches
high; had on and carried away, one pair
twilled tow trowsers, one pair brown fus-
tian trowsers and sailor's jacket, one blue
and white calico waistcoat, and one home-
spun shirt. -- Whoever will secure said ne-
gro slave, sp that his master may have him,
or bring him to the house of his master, in
Saratoga county, town of Northumberland,
shall have the above reward, and reason-
able charges paid him, by          51ep56
August 29th, 1803.   SIDNEY BERRY

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