Poughkeepsie Journal – October 12 to November 2, 1796

20 dollars reward. 
RUN-AWAY from the subscriber
living in the town of Shawan-
gunk, Ulster county, on Friday the
30th of September instant, a slender
Negro man called York, very black,
about 20 years old, five feet 7 or 8 
inches, high, large prominent eyes
& white teeth; had on a light brown
or grey homespun coat with lapels,
a calico jacket and tow shirt and
trowsers, a new pair of shoes, and a 
[??? ???]. Any person apprehending
said slave, and securing him in gaol, so
that his master may get him again,
shall be paid, if apprehended in Ul-
ster county, ten dollars, and if out
of said county, twenty dollars re-
ward, and reasonable charges, by
Septmber 30, 1796

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