OVER 326-328 Special Meeting – February 14-22, 1814

Special Meeting of the Justices + Overseersof the Poor of Poughkeepsie
Feby 14th, 1814
William EMott
Daniel Hebard} Justices of the Peace
Robert Noxon, Overseer___
An inquiry was set on foot how Cuff Low + Rachel his wife ought to be disposed of they being poor and in suffering circumstances—

Ordered that Moses Downing and Leonard B lewis be summoned to attend at the Office of William Emott on Monday the 297th at 10 A.M. to testify relative to the above poor persons____
Also, Ordered that Nathaniel Dubois and his wife Fanny, peter Coffins wife John F Leroys wife

Ordered that William Emott esq.r make an Index to this book with all convenient speed___Ordered that Robert Noxon afford temporary Relief to Downings Daughters
Adjourned till Monday /next/ the 28th–

at a Special Meeting of the Justices + overseeers of the poor of Poughkeepsie 21′ Feby 1814
William Emott
Wm W Bogardus
Daniel Hebard} Justices
Woman to ajoined against the following Persons to [???] their last place of legal settlement to wit Cuff Low and Rachel his wife, Nathaniel Dubois and Fannyhis wife and Peter Coffins wife and John T Leroys wife also summonses for Moses Downing and Leonard B Lewis A Blackston constable his fees $1.77.

Regular Meeting Monday Feb 28th 1814
William Emott
Daniel Hebard}Justices of the Peace
William W Bogardus
Examination of Leonard B Lewis respecting Downing’s Wench Rachel Pride
The examination of Leonard B Lewis taken on Oath before the undersigned Justices the 28th Feb 1814 says [???] by the name of Frizine who said he lives at Platt [Pells] [????] at the house of the deponent about 9 or 10 years ago Frizines wife [illeg] wife was the daughter of Christopher Ostrander it was summer. the deponent & Frizine went to Downings [for] Downing agreed with Frizine for the wench and a [????ing] was [illeg and the deponent thinks he signed the same as a witness the contents of the writing the deponent has forgot-
Leonard B Lewis
Sworn befre us
Daniel Hebard
Wm W Bogardus
Wm Emott} Justices of the Peace

Examination of Moses Downing
The Examination of Moses Downing taken on affirmation before the undersigned justices. the 22th Day of Feb ‘ 1814 says that Rachel a black woman wife of Cuff Low came to the house of the affirmant about 6 or 7 years ago as he believe and with whom he bargained as follows to wit to give her master $50 dollars for her services for 2 years if her master {will?] consent – some few days ^after her Master with Leonard B Lewis [came] to the affirmants house and her said Master agreed to take the said 50 Dollr for 2 years service as aforesaid __and ^ the affirment paid the said money for her said services to her said master whose name he believes was Peter Frazine and took his receipt as he believes and that the said affirmant never considered her the said Rachel as his slave__ that after residing with the affirmant for months she became sickly with [Salt Rheum?] and the affirmant discharged her and told her she might go away from his home and service this was the summer that Jacob Emmon Died Moses Downing

Affirmed before us
Daniel Hibard
Wm. W. Bogardus
Wm. Emott}}}Just Peace

TOP P329
Cuff Low examined
Says he got acquainted withhis wife Rachel when she was the slave of John Pride in the Town of Poughkeepsie he had 3 children byhis wife while she lived with Pride_ she after-
wards belonged to Pelig Ransom of the Town of New Paltz with whom she lived a number of years she lived with Henry Mott a number of years_ also with [Anson] Low_sold her to Ransom who sold her to Peter Frizine.

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