OVER 334 The Examination of Valentine Marks – March 22, 1811

The examination of Valentine Marks taken on oath before us the undersigned Justices of the Peace the 22nd Day of March 1811. Says he is thirty eight years old and was born about three miles of the City of Philadelphia his father died when he was about 10 years old he then went to work with different [illeg] he learned the weavers trade with one John Brown- about two years ago came to ^the state of New York and first arrived in ^the City of New York he married his wife Susan in Lancaster in Pennsylvania from New York ^ came to Poughkeepsie about one year ago. he says he owns 250 acres of land in the town of Canandagua in the County of Ontario and resided there four years or thereabouts that he and his wife at present reside with a Negro family in this place. Valentine Marks + his mark Sworn before us Wm. W Bogardus Wm Emott} ordered to depart from this place to day. John Balding for serving warrant on Valentine Marks and his wife Special Meeting of Justices at the Office of William Emott – March 26th 1814 Present Wm Emott Wm W Bogardus Daniel Hebard} Justices Thomas Tea and wife were examined and ordered to depart to their last place of legal settlement by the first day of April next__ Manumitted in the Court of Sessions 1811 March

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