Poughkeepsie Journal – August 1 to August 18, 1797

Fifteen Dollars Reward.
RUN-AWAY from the Subscriber,
on Wednesday night, the 7th
of June, A Negro Man, named
CAESAR, about five feet eight inches
high, and about twenty-three years
of age: speaks god English; a
likely well-set fellow; brought up
to all kinds of farming business, and
makes a very good stone-wall. ---
Had on when he went away (or took 
with him) a long bear-skin coat of
grey home made cloth, a white shirt,
two browsers died a fustian color,
a pair of green overalls, a bear-skin
waistcoat, & swan-skin down waist-
coat, a small round felt hat, and calf-
skin shoes, but no stockings.
Whoever takes up the said Negro,
and brings him to the Subscriber, (or
secures him in any gaol, so that his
Master may have him again) shall
receive the above reward, and all
reasonable charges paid, by
Dutchess County, Pough-
keepsie, june 12, 1797

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