Poughkeepsie Journal – May 1 – 15, 1798

Fifteen Dollars Reward. {25 Dollars Reward.}from May 15
RUN away from the subscriber, the
16th of April, my negro wench
Rachael, about 23 years old: She is
short and stocky, leans forward when
she walks, her visage long and unfriend-
ly, speaks quick and hoarse -- she was
brought up in the neighborhood of
Wappings Creek. The subscriber bo't
her of John Drake, jun. in November
last -- She had on when she went away
a blue homespun short found, with long
sleaves, a blue plain, and a blue [dim]
striped homespun petticoats, and a blue
sun bonnet -- It is probable she may
change her dress as she took off some
wearing apparel which she bor-
rowed. Whoever will deliver [her]
to the subscriber, or secure her so [that]
he may get her again, shall receive [the]
above reward, and reasonable cha[rges]
paid by
Valentine Baker
Poughkeepsie, May 1

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