Poughkeepsie Journal August 14, 1790

ALBANY, August 9. 
At the Supreme Court of this State,
which ended on Saturday last,
judgments were given against the
following criminals, viz.
     John Augustus Ross, convicted of 
grand larceny, to be whipped 39
lashes, at the public whipping post,
in the afternoon of that day.
     Jacob Pickering, and Charles, a 
Negro man, slave of Thomas Mor-
rell, respectively convicted of grand
larceny, each to be whipped at the
public whipping post, 39 lashes, on
that day, and to be again whipped
in the like manner on Saturday next.
     Timothy Scott, convicted of ut-
tering and publishing a forged or-
der for the payment of money,
knowing the same to be forged, re-
ceived sentence of death; and his 
execution is ordered to be on the 
tenth day of September next.

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