Poughkeepsie Journal -October 23, 1793

Eight Dollars Reward. 
RUN-AWAY from the subscriber
on Friday the 4th inst. a MU-
about fifteen years of age, not tall
but stout built, bushy curled hair,
cut in the usual way -- Had on when
he went away a short grey cloth coat
and vest of the same, patched with
cloth of a different color, tow trou-
sets of a fustian color, shoes half
worn without buckles; he lived for-
merly on Long-Island. Whoever will
apprehend said Mulattoe, and return
him to the subscriber, or confine him
in any gaol so that his master may
get him again shall be entitled to the 
above reward, and reasonable char-
ges.     PETER HILL
Montgomery, Ulster county,
State of New-York, Oct. 7, 1793.

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