Poughkeepsie Journal – June 12, 1798 to July 24, 1798

Ten Dollars Reward. 
RUN away from the subscriber, the
26th of May, my Negro man, nam-
ed TOM, about 23 years old, 5 feet
8 or 9 inches high, walks considerably
bent, rather blacker than what negroes
commonly are, his teeth are very white
and shows them a good deal when talk-
ing; took away with him a black felt
hat, and a grey bear skin double breast-
ed coat, and two new brown tow shirts,
and white do. two pair of tow trow-
sers patched on the kneews, and a pair of
boots shod with think leather. It is
probable he has changed his dress. It
is supposed he has been persuaded away
by a youth of 32 years of age, by the
name of Leonard Barten, under the
character of Doctor. Whoever will se-
cure said negro so that the owner may
get him again shall receive the above
reward and all reasonable charges paid
by          STEPHEN LEGGETT.
Stanford, Dutchess county May 2

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