Poughkeepsie Journal – April 27, 1790 to May 11, 1790

Ten Dollars Reward.  (TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD?)
Ran-Away from the subscriber,
living in Goshen, Orange coun-
ty, and state of New-York, a negro
Man named CHARLES, about thirty
years old, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high,
of a yellowish complexion, pretty
thick -- had on when he went away,
a long blue great coat, light colour-
ed tight bodied coat, spotted velvet
vest, black satinet breeches, and a 
large castor hat with a black ribbon
round it -- he talks good English.--
Any person that will take up and
secure said Runaway in any gaol,
so that his maser may get him a-
gain, shall be entitled to the above 
reward, and all reasonable charges 
-- paid by
The above fellow run away the
6th of April instant,
April 23, 1790.

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