Poughkeepsie Journal – November 3, 1791 to November 24, 1791

Ten Dollars reward.
RUN-AWAY from the subscriber
on Tuesday evening last, a Ne-
gro Man named Robert, 23 years old,
about five feet ten inches high, speaks
good English, is a fiddler, and took
his fiddle with him --- He also took
with him a considerable quantity of
clothing, among which is a blue coat,
snuff coloured Velvet breeches, Vel-
vet white jacket, &c -- had also con-
siderable money. Whoever will take
up said Negro, and secure him that
the owner may get him again, shall
be entitled to the above reward.
Godfrey Wolwin.
Oswego, Beekman-Town,
Oct. 29, 1791.

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