Ten Dollars Reward. CJ?

Ten Dollars Reward.
RUN AWAY on the night of the 24th in-
stant, from the subscriber, living at Peeks
Kill in Westchester county, a NEGRO MAN
named Lew, 24 years old, about five feet nine
inches high -- had on when he went away, a 
check linen shirt, brown trowsers, and short
lightish coloured coat, an old brown woolen mac-
ket, and wool hat, lopped, bare-footed. It is
supposed he took with him a Mare and Colt --
the mare is black, with four white feet, bald
face; and the colt has three white feet, Any
person securing said negro, mare and colt, shall
receive ten dollars reward, and reasonable char-
ges -- or for the negro alone six dollars, and the 
mare and colt, four dollars.
June 26th, 1789   John Drake

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