Poughkeepsie Journal – November 17, 1791

LITCHFIELD, Oct. 19. We learn from Albany, that a few
days since, a Negro servant was wan-
tonly shot thro'the neck, and killed,
by direction of his inhuman master,
at the glass-works near Albany. Our 
informant affirms, that the Negro
had been lately purchased by a pro-
prietor in the works, and was repre-
sented as insane: His disorder was,
however, imputed to a vicious dispo-
sition; and having given specimens
of his obstinacy and sulkiness to his
new master, one of the workmen
was directed to shoot him; who in-
advertently complied, the shot passed
through his neck; which not prov-
ing fatal, the Negro becoming out-
rageous in consequence of the wound,
a second shot was discharged, which
penetrated the neck, and finished his
existence. An inquest was immedi-
ately summoned whose verdict was
willful murder. The deluded person
having consulted an Attorney real-
tive to the transaction, was advised
to escape from justice, and he depart-
ed accordingly.

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