Poughkeepsie Journal – May 15, 1790

In the Supreme Court of this state
held at New-York last week, seve-
ral criminals were tried, and sen-
tenced as follows.
     William Glover, convicted of a 
robbery, to be hanged on the first
Friday in June next.
     William Matthews, convicted of
larceny of 7 gold rings, to be whip-
ped 20 lashes, the three next success-
sive Mondays.
     Sebre Williams (from Groten in
Connecticut) convicted of a larceny
of 14 guineas and a bed, to be whip-
ped 20 lashes.
     Edward Allen, convicted of break-
ing and entering a store of William
Constable, with intent to commit a
felony, to be imprisoned three ca-
lender months.
     Anthony, a negro, for larceny of
a watch, to be whipped 39 lashes,
and imprisoned one calendar month.
     William Swaine (who for several
years formerly was a servant in this 
city, by the name of Patrick Lalor,
and by that name known in the
Bridewell) was convicted of a rob-
bery in the street, but judgment a-
gainst him is respited until a future

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