Litchfield Monitor – October 21, 1801

Tuesday last the Circuit Court finished
their session in this town, during which the
following persons were convicted, and
received sentence.
     William Miller, for Burglary, sentenced
to State Prison for life at hard labour.
     Hannah, Negro wench for arson, burning
a barn of Mr. Richard Fowler, of Fishkill
--sentence to hard labor in State Prison for
     Benja. Adams, and Reuben Adams his son,
forgery, and passing Counterfeit Money --
hard labor in State prison for life.
     Samuel West, for Bigamy, marrying a 
second wife while the first was living -- hard
labor in State Prison for three years.
     John Benner, Misdemeanor, for admin-
istering medicine to obtain an abortion, for 
effecting it, &c. -- sentenced to two years
imprisonment in the County Gaol -- to pay
a fine of 100 dollars -- to give security for 
his good behavior for 3 years thereafter --
himself in 1000 dollars, and one sufficient
security in 500 -- to stand committed until 
the fine be paid, and security entered.
     James Rosekrans, for forgery -- hard labor
in State Prison for life. This last sentence
is much regretted by every person who had
heretofore been acquainted with the pri-
soner: His character, as an honest man,
always stood fair… 
….All the prisoners sentenced to the State-
Prison, (Mr. Rosekrans excepted, for 
whom we anxiously hope a pardon will be
granted) have been conveyed from the Goal
of this county to the place of their destine-

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