OVER 362 Examination of Phebe Lewis

Examination of Phebe Lewis a black woman
wife of George Lewis
taken at a special meeting present
Examination of Phebe Lewis taken on oath by
us the undersigned Justices the 30 day of
October 1814 says that she was married to
George Lewis for a many years also and has
two children [????jr.] about six years old and
Robert about four years old her husband
left her about two years ago. does not know
where her Husband Came from but believes
he came from over the River and does not
know where he is. she is sick and unable
to help herself and wants relief
Phebe Lewis__her mark
Sworn before us
Wm W Bogardus
Daniel Hebard}

Ordered that the Poormasters afford temporary
relief in the above case. Also to Rachel
Pride. also to Sebuian Gallisten Also that Jacob
B Acker be paid $4 for keeping John McMann
and that poor Masters bond said Phebe
Lewis’s Children.

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