OVER 364 Examination of Sarah Tabor

Special Meeting Dec 7th 1814
Present William Emott
Daniel Hebard
William W Bogardus} Justices &c
This meeting was called for the purpose of Taking the
examination of Joseph Applebys wife who has applied for
relief as well as sundry other persons

Examination of Sarah Taber,
taken on Oath before us the undersigned Justices of the peace
says she is the wife of Jacob Taber late of this Town, deceased
that her husband died about 4 weeks ago and has left her
with 4 children the oldest named John MIllet aged 12 years the
29th day of March next the next named Maria aged 8
years the 28th June next Jane Ann aged 6 years the last of May next Jacob aged 3years the 22 of March
next. that she is unable to support herself and her fam
ily and carves assistance from the town_
Sarah Taber + her mark
Sworn before us
Daniel Hebard
Wm W Bogardus
Wm [Emott?]

Ordered that the Overseers of the poor afford temporary re
lief to the said Sarah & her family and proceed to bind
out her children with all convenient speed_____

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