063-64 Road Book A – March 26, 1805

State of New York Dutchess County fs.

Whereas William Emott and Peter R Maison, two
of the Justices of the Peace in and for the County
aforesaid having heard and examed the matter in
Difference between Archibald Gatfield an apprentice
and Joseph Caywood his master of the Town of Poughkeepsie in
County and state aforesaid and it appearing to us upon
oath that the said Joseph Caywood hath several times
beaten said apprentice very immediately without any
Just occasion, and hath not provided for him suitable
and comfortable Lodging at this inclement season
of the year. We do therefore for the causes aforesaid
Discharge the said Archibald Gatfield from his said
apprenticeship – and we do hereby under our respective
hands and seals pronounce and declare that the said
Archibald Gatfield is discharged from being any
longer an apprentice to his said master Joseph Caywood
Witness our hands + seals at Poughkeepsie the [///]
seventh Day of February in the year one thousand Eight
hundred and five
Wm Emott
Peter R Maison} Justices of the Peace
Recorded the 26th Day of March 1805
Rich.d Everitt Town Clark

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