077-78 Road Book A – October 6, 1809

Whereas John S Frear Junr Executor of the last will
and Testament of Col. John Frear deceased has this day
made application to us William Emott and Thomas Nelson
overseers of the poor of the Town of Poughkeepsie in the
County of Dutchess and State of New York, In order
to obtain a Certificate imediately before the Manu-
mission of the Female slave Ann Frasier, a mulatto woman
said to be of the age of sixteen years late the property of
the above named John Frear deceased, agreeable to the
Act in such case made and provided, We the said
Overseers having examined the before named slave Ann
do hereby certify that she appears to be under the age
of fifty years, and of a sufficient abilityto provide for
herself, — Given under our hands at Poughkeepsie the
third day of October in the year one Thousand eight
hundred and nine.
William Emott
Thomas Nelson} Overseers of the Poor
In presence of
Abraham Hoffman

Know all men by these presents that I John S
Frear Jun.r one of the Executors of Col.l John Frear
deceased, Do hereby certify and make known
that I have this day / agreeable to the directions of the
Testator / Manumitted Ann Frasier, late
the slave of the above named John Frear deceased
said to be sixteen years of age, pursuant to a Law
of the Legislature of the State of New york _
And I do hereby, as one of the Executors of said
estate, freely renounce aall right of property
that the said estate heretofore had in the said Ann
Frasier, and do acquit her from all dependance
as a slave to any person claiming under the said
Estate, and declare her a free Citizen of the State
of New York, In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal, at Poughkeepsie th third
day of October one thousand eight hundred and nine
John S Frear, Jun.r
signed sealed and delivered
in the presents of
Wm Emott
Thomas Nelson
Recorded this 6th Oct.r 1809
Eben.r Badger Town Clerk

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