Political Barometer – August 2, 1809 to January 10, 1810

20 Dollars Reward. /
RAN away from the subscriber on the
27th of June last, a Negro Man,
named HARRY, about 23 years of age,
5 feet 3 or 4 inches high, with a lump on 
one of his ancles, owing to a sprain; has
a down look, and talks but little. He has
been harbored at Mr. Reuben Fowler's in
Fishkill for some time past, and a few days 
ago he was seen lurking about in Beek-
man town, Dutchess county, where it is 
supposed he now is. Any person appre-
heading said Negro, and bringing him to
the subscriber at Peekskill, or confining 
him in any gaol so that the subscriber can
get him again, shall receive the above re-
ward by applying to      JOHN OPPIE.
Peekskill, July 20, 1809.

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