Political Barometer December 20, 1809

10 Dollars Reward. 
RAN away from the Subscriber, on
Saturday evening, the 16th inst. a 
Negro Boy, named KING, about 19 years
old, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, yellow com-
plexion, long broad teeth, speaks good
English; took with him two coats, one
brown, and one bearskin homespun, one
pair of bearskin and one pair of cord trow-
sers, one linen shirt and two flannel ones,
two pair of woolen stockings, and one
pair of white cotton ones, a striped swans-
down vest, and two pair of shoes, and sun-
dry other clothing. The above reward
will be given to any person who will ap-
pretend said Negro and secure him in
any gaol in the State of New-York and
giving information to the subscriber.
Fishkill, December 19, 1809

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