Political Barometer – March 20, 1811

RUN away from the subscriber on the
20th of February last, a Negro
man by the name of EPHRAIM, other-
wise caled FRIM; 26 years old, 5 feet
8 or 10 inches high, very black, having
(commonly) his hair braided with two
braids before and two behind. Said Ne-
gro had on when he went away, a striped
woolen shirt with a checkered collar, his
coat, jacket and browsers of grey home-
spun fuled cloth, a black castor hat part-
ly worn, and a pair of thick fuarrow
boots with the tops not bound; said boots
having been trod back, were cut open
and closed up perhaps four or five inches
on the heel. Whoever will take up said
Negro and secure him in gaol either at
Poughkeepsie, Kingston or Goshen, and 
give information thereof to the subscriber
shall receive the above reward.
Minisink, Orange county,
N.Y. March 14, 1811}
N.B. Said Negro can speak the Dutch 

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