Political Barometer – October 17 to October 24, 1810

RAN away from the subscriber on Sat-
urday the 23d inst. a Negro man, na-
med Tom, aged about 23, five feet high,
built in proportion, speaks both English 
and low Dutch; had on when he went a-
way, a butternut coloured surtout, wool-
len sailor jacket colored black,dark pan-
talons, wool hat, a thick pair of cow-
skin shoes pegged from heel to toe. He
is supposed to have gone to the eastward.
Whoever will take up the said Negro,
and return him to the subscriber, or con-
fine him in any jail, and give information
thereof so that the owner may get him a-
gain, shall receive the above reward and all 
reasonable charges. 
Montgomery, Orange Co.
Sept. 27, 1810. }

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