080 Road Book A – May 23, 1810 / August 4, 1810

Peter Low’s Manumission of Sam Dutchess County fs. Poughkeepsie May 23, 1810 To all persons to whom these presents shall come or /know ye/ in any way concer, know ye, that I peter Low of Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County, have manu- mitted discharged and made free, and do hereby discharge manumit + make free, Sam Low, a negro man, a  slave to me and mow my property, and of the age of a  bout thirty three years, and do hereby certify that the said Sam is manumitted discharged and made free from any further servitude of me the said Peter, my heirs executors and administrators for ever, and from all claim or demand of any further service of me or them hereafter — In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand + seal the day and date first above written Peter Low sealed + delivered in the presence of John A Low recorded the 4th August 1810 Peter R Maison Town Clerk

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